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While most social networks provide a sharing platform providing a way for people to connect and make friends, they really don't support or promote community.

Sure, you can do a search for people who might be in your community, but you can't know at a glance all of the people in your community who are on those platforms.

With HIVE~USA you can!

And, you can communicate with them, friend them, share posts you make, engage in live video chat, share local deals, events and news and much, much more!

Personal Social Network


With HIVE~USA, you automatically become a member of your own community's social network.

  • See what members of your own community are up to
  • Cash in on deals and coupons relative to your community
  • Know what events are happening in your neck of the woods
  • Keep abreast of up to date news happening in your community
  • Tell your story to people that matter ... your community

Access businesses in your community across multiple service industries for ordering, reservations and rewards!

Need to find or connect with someone in a different community?

It's easy!

Just change your location to that community.

You'll be able to see and comment on their posts, add them as friends, private message them and have a live face time with them using the live video chat!

Start your own hive today!

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Community Hive Today!

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Shop 'till You Drop
Local Commerce

Using HIVE~USA, you can shop 'till you drop! And with access to multiple service industries, you no longer have to abandon what you're doing just to order food for delivery!

Choose from any local business listed from the following seven (7) service industries, with more on the way.

   Food & Beverage
   Hospitality & Lodging
   Arts & Entertainment
   Pets & Animals
   Travel & Tourism
   Sports & Recreation
   Cannabis & CBD Oil
With More Being Added ...

Now you can know immediately what's available in your community for a multitude of services!

Shopping, Deals, Events

Find services, deals, coupons and events happening in your community in a couple of taps!


  • Access local businesses
  • Earn rewards and bonuses
  • Order and make reservations

Deals and Coupons

  • Find deals for almost anything
  • Coupons from many major brands
  • Cash in on special promotions


  • Multiple venues to choose from
  • Community supported events
  • Buy tickets for events

All without having to abandon your social networking engagements!

Personal Social Network

Activate Your Own
Community Hive Today!

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Safe and Secure

HIVE~USA is not an advertising based social networking platform ... PERIOD!

We do not collect or share information about who you are or what you do with anyone inside or outside of this network platform.


Activating HIVE~USA does require you to provide your name, email address and mobile phone number and is used by the network platform for e-commerce notifications and processing only.

Personal Social Network

News and Community

Keep abreast of local, regional and national news while enjoying social networking activities with members of your community.

Community & State News

  • Access local community news
  • Keep up with regional news
  • Stay on top of state news

National & World News

  • National news from major media
  • Get news from around the world
  • Keep up to date on social issues

Community Social Gateway

  • Community 1st social networking
  • Engage people in your community
  • Private messaging and video chat

Finally, a social network where your community comes first!

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Community Hive Today!

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Activate Your Own
Community Hive Today!

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